In and About Lerwick Harbour Sea Birds.

The port of Lerwick is a natural harbour formed by the Mainland and the island of Bressay which lies of the East coast of Shetland. There is an opening at each end, locally known as the North Mooth and South Mooth  which enables the tide to flow freely through the harbour, ensuring the sea is always clean and crystal clear. It is ideal for fish of all types. The sea bed is made up of sand, the Norse named Lerwick, “Muddy Bay” and is home to several species of fish. Of course, where there are plenty of fish there is always an abundance of sea birds as well as waders along the sea shore.

Raft of Eider Ducks (Dunters) Off Bressay

From our house and on our harbour walks and boat trips to Bressay we are very fortunate to have seen bird life close up especially on the cliffs of Noss a small island at the back of Bressay and a haven for breeding sea birds. I would like to share with you some of the images I have taken over the years of the different species of birds on our walks around the shore, with Shetland dialect names in brackets.

Angry Arctic Tern (Tirrick)
Black Back Gull (Swabbie)
Arctic Skua (Bonxie) Chasing a Gannet for its Catch
Arctic Skua (Bonxie) Success
Oliver Feeding Arctic Skua
Gannets (Solans) at Noss
Kittiwakes (Weegs)
Heron (Hegri) Under Attack
Black Headed Gull
Fulmars (Mallies)
Young Fulmar
Cormorant (Scarf) Drying its Wings
Oyster Catcher (Shalders)
Puffins (Tammy Norie)

One thought on “In and About Lerwick Harbour Sea Birds.

  1. I was fortunate to see almost all those birds when I visited Mainland in May. I took a Noss boat birdwatching tour and had a wonderful time. Thank you for the good pictures, much better than mine!


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